I am coming back to bug https://sourceforge.net/p/msys2/tickets/41/.

In the discussion of this problem it was said that

- msys2 does not used symlinks by default, because MSW applications do
  not understand the symlinks
- when msys2 is configured to use symlinks, these are ``cygwin
  symlinks'' and you need to operate with administrator rights.

I would like to bring to your attention this page


Here it is said that:

- MS has implemented symbolic links from Windows Vista.
- MSW applications understand the symbolic links: follow the URL
  ``Symbolic Link Effects on File Systems Functions'', in this page it
  is stated how usual file system function, those which MSW ordinary
  application use, handle the symbolic links.

So there seems to be a discrepancy between information published by MS
and the discussion in the ticket#41.


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