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That’s such a strange thing.
since they never learned, how proper threading and quoting could have worked?

78 characters wide text/plain is just not the lowest common denominator anymore. I am not going to sing an ode to HTML email, but being able to use Markdown to create more expressive emails than using ASCII art is not something I find utterly offensive.

If you want someone to blame, shake your fist at Microsoft (for forcing HTML into email), and Google (for actively breaking threading and quoting rules). That said, Gmail is far easier to use if you want to refer back to content written earlier in a thread than mutt, where you either have to save a draft, or open a second instance, find the thread, and navigate around messages, or use clunky search.

Society has moved on, and we all risk sounding like grumpy old folks reminiscing at the times when everyone knew what netiquette was if we don’t embrace the progress that’s been happening around us. And text/html is part of that progress, whether you like it or not.

If we don’t embrace progress, then mutt will not have any users in a decade or two.

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