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The approach Kevin proposed is completely HTML-agnostic and leaves it up to the user to provide an external tool that provides the HTML. Mutt then just does the required MIME-handling, which is clearly within the domain of a MUA.

I thought there was already the capability in mutt to pipe email to another application?

Sure, you can filter your text/plain part through aspell. But you cannot currently create multipart/alternative emails.

There is no GUI requirement in any of this.

I meant to say that HTML email becomes much less useful and in some cases worthless without a GUI. You can't display pictures or see advertising links on the console. I have tried to use various console browsers like links and lynx and I'm unable to use them with almost any webpage.

So you'll have your client configured to prefer text/plain when given the choice between alternatives. Which mutt already supports.

Can we please move on?

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