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martin f krafft <madd...@madduck.net> wrote:

> Regarding the following, written by “Nuno Silva” on 2019-10-30 at
> 09:21 Uhr +0000:
> > 
> > There are users who don’t need text/html. It’s okay to want some
> > way to use HTML for e-mail in mutt, but I’d say it’s not okay to
> > say everybody needs it.
> I’d love to see some statistics about the age of mutt users.
> Just to be clear: any solution will be configurable, so nobody will
> be forced to use it. --

That doesn't really help. From my point the issue is not only what I
have to configure or what can be configured, but also how much code is
behind doing that. Less code is easier to manage than more code. I
can't see the benefit of junking up mutt with HTML or anything else
that is out of scope for a command-line mail client. Remember, some of
us use mutt on a console with no GUI....


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