> […] virtually all of the people who use mutt either as their only
> email client or along with others, chose mutt because of its
> simplicity.

People who want a simple text mail client will use Alpine or similar.
Mutt's possibly the most “complicated” text MUA.

I don't use mutt because of its “simplicity”, I use it because of its
power and flexibility.

And I'm closely following this thread because I'm one of the “strange”
people who'd _like_ mutt to be able to handle outgoing multipart
messages; I was trying to achieve exactly that, three years ago:

> It seems to be contrary to the direction and purpose of mutt to make
> it do everything anybody wants.

The current number of configuration options suggests otherwise, and mutt
would lose most of its appeal for me if it trimmed down the number of

> The harm of making the app more complicated and adding a lot of code
> is real, and it directly affects the user of mutt whether he's new or
> old.

There are dozens of mutt options I turn off, yet I won't argue they need
to be removed just because they're not part of _my_ use case.  I can
appreciate everyone's needs are different and what works best for me
will likely not work best for everyone.

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