Utterly agree here with Michael, Ruth, and I suspect many others, and others 
I've missed.

Will def miss Alan's stuff if it were on FB as FB isn't going to be on my 
network anytime soon.
Alan, if most posts went to FB, would it not be an illustration of how the 
"feed-bubble" is wrapping goo over mindful attention spans?
Alan --> Please Don't Go!

Perhaps my time recall requires an apology, was it not only a few months back 
when we've discussed how NB could be at times so many people use the fb. I 
think neterarti came as a response to that conversation?

Surely, when a person - or just me (?) - signs up to a mailinglist, it's with 
Otherness within a certain range that you go for? Other rather than a bubble? 
And by extension, a bit of Adorno's notion of "art" as un-able to be 
entertaining, "art" as a radical that constantly links away from cultural 
comforting beats?



November 30 2016 8:51 AM, "ruth catlow"  wrote:

Alan, You are the highly valued artistic "ping" of Netbehaviour.

It's been a while - but there have been times when many more of us posted work 

I for one would love to what Netbehaviour people are up to on a more daily 
If it wasn't for Annie's post last week, I would not have got to experience the 
networked "feeling" experiment hosted by The Nunnery Gallery last week- which 
changed the way I listen to machines.

Please people, don't hold back.

On 30/11/16 08:18, Michael Szpakowski wrote: 
Please don't cut down Alan. People are grown ups and can exercise some choice 
as to what they view.I don't look at everything you post by any means but I'm 
glad it's there.michael
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I'm cutting back on my posts on Nb; I don't want to be either a nuisance
or feel responsible for unsubbing. I'll post every few days w/ urls; the
usual daily sludge will be on Fb -

- Alan

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