First, I recommend that you get rid of that top box and strap a piece of 
Samsonite on your bike with bungees so that you can be cool. Then make sure 
your headlight goes out once in a while (I actually finally installed a new 
right handlebar assembly this week, so that's hopefully history).

You might as well take or play cat and mouse with I-70 to Denver because 
there's nothing in the way of natural beauty across the Midwest and Great 
Plains anyway. There are roads that parallel I-70 and are almost as fast 
and a tad bit more interesting. From Denver you can either take 285 down 
through Fairplay and head to Durango (you could see the Great Sand Dunes 
north of Alamosa, which are cool) or you can go over the mountains on I-70. 
I would go I-70 or parallel back roads. Stop in Boulder, Central City, 
Vail, the spa at Glenwood Springs, or do Rocky Mountain National Park if 
you have time. Take the Loveland Pass instead of the Eisenhower Tunnel 
across the divide for the view. Get off I-70 and cut down through Utah on 
Rt. 191, making sure to see Arches Natl. Park in Moab, Utah and maybe 
Canyonlands farther down.

Continue on Rt. 191 though Mexican Hat, Utah and then Monument Valley by 
all means, and then over to the Grand Canyon. After that you can see the 
London Bridge at Lake Havasu City (not so exciting, but weird) and Joshua 
Tree Natl. Park, or just take I-40 if you just want to get to Pasadena at 
that point.

I envy you my friend. Happy Trails. Keep the pictures coming. 

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