Hi Paul,

> > In case my point was missed:  the Attach: header was not scrubbed
> > out.
> sure, but that's a bug.  and (i think) we could catch those bugs with
> a test script.

I don't have the relevant switch to have Attach processed automatically
so it getting through isn't a bug, and I might even be trying to
communicate with some issue tracker that wants that header.  And then
there's catching the Atach header.

> > > i'd think adding an "X-Mailer: nmh-1.6" header would help even
> > > more. 
> >
> > "X-" headers are deprecated by RFC 6648.  We could add, say, a
> > Mailer header.
> okay -- whatever's the right thing.

I tend to think those (X-)?Mailer headers are a bit of a waste of space
and time.  The same value in thousands of copies of emails.  All those
bytes, clock cycles, etc., when nothing cares about the value.  nmh
doesn't produce the message ID normally, but with MIME it does cook up
«boundary="----- =_aaaaaaaaaa0"» and it did occur to me the other day
that it could be more interesting than that without getting longer and
still allowing for it to be bumped and be unique.

Cheers, Ralph.

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