On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 22:18:21 +0100, Ralph Corderoy said:
> I tend to think those (X-)?Mailer headers are a bit of a waste of space
> and time.  The same value in thousands of copies of emails.  All those
> bytes, clock cycles, etc., when nothing cares about the value.

Until you're trying to track down a weird bug and root-cause it to the
fact that Lotus Notes uses different values for boundary= on a multipart/
(it uses two blanks in the header, but only one in the body), so my .procmailrc
has in it:

# Lotus Notes is a boil on the buttocks of e-mail.,...
:0 hwf
*^X-Mailer:.*(IBM|Lotus) Notes
| sed -e 's/boundary="=_alternative  /boundary="=_alternative /'

You spend a few decades doing e-mail support as one of your hats, you learn
to be glad that MUA's put in X-Mailer:, and most MTA's stick a 'with $software'
clause into their Recieved: headers.

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