Hi Daivd,

> Is "user having to add to that list" in your original proposal?

Yes, one of the copies.

> Is it a profile entry to allow the user to add known header names?

I think I suggested a profile entry for their common ones, e.g. Ken's
X-Face, and a send(1) option for the ad hoc to whatnow(1).

> Though I think I'm missing something.

I'm moving all the headers into nmh's domain, the ones it cares about in
drafts, anyway.  This is only talking about draft processing.  So
`Received' isn't in the set.  In effect, all draft headers become nmh
directives, none of them are wire headers any more.  Directive `To' may
well become wire `To' after send → post.  So I'm not sure the set is
that large?  Typos get caught, and we can dribble Attach, Forward, etc.,
since the whole namespace is ours.

Cheers, Ralph.

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