>You mentioned "harm":  it depends on how that's defined.  Sure, MUAs can
>igore headers, so no harm there.  But, I define each of intentionally
>withholding traceability and polluting a namespace as harmful.

Yeah, here's how I feel about that:

- Traceability - I mean, why is this an issue?  Who would really care?  I'm
  trying to imagine the scenario here; we a) leak a header called "Forward"
  b) someone notices, c) someone CARES enough to decide this is a problem,
  and d) wants to track down the MUA responsible.
- Polluting the namespace - I mean, also ... really, is this a thing we
  should have to worry about?  If it happens, and it seems like it's easy
  enough to prevent.

These are pretty abstract concepts to me; I'm trying to see how this
really would impact anything.  Also, copying other art ... the few MUAs
that do stuff similar to this (mutt is the prime example I could find)
use headers for this purpose without any special prefix, and no one
seems to care.


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