david wrote:
 > Ken wrote:
 > > Also ... if we are having post(8) scrub out headers with an Nmh- prefix,
 > > we could also have it scrub out any header, like Attach:,
 > No, we can't.  See previous messages from Ralph, kre, and me on that.

huh?  if that's what you meant, that's not what i heard.  i heard
arguments saying that headers could still leak (via forwarding, and
via typos, neither of which is a new risk), but i don't recall anyone
saying that we _can't_ scrub the Attach: and Forward: headers in
post.  (kre reasonably pointed out that we shouldn't scrub unknown
headers -- but that's different.)

paul fox, p...@foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 47.1 degrees)

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