ralph wrote:
 > Hi Ken,
 > > > If they're are mistyped Attach, Bcc, or Dcc then they could be
 > > > embarrassing?
 > >
 > > Well ... sure?  But I think that's an issue with any header name.
 > No, I mean "Subjct: Nice to see you again" isn't embarassing;  I always
 > intended they'd see the header's value.  "Bc: myboss, yourboss", is.
 > And "Atach: /home/ralph/pita-client/foo" is as normally they'd only see
 > "foo".

but there's no solution, to this, right?  we can't control typos, whether
there's an Nmh- prefix on the header or not.  and we're not going to change
Fcc/Dcc/Bcc in any case.  so isn't this is a moot point?

paul fox, p...@foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 41.0 degrees)

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