Hi Paul,

> > No, I mean "Subjct: Nice to see you again" isn't embarassing;  I
> > always intended they'd see the header's value.  "Bc: myboss,
> > yourboss", is.  And "Atach: /home/ralph/pita-client/foo" is as
> > normally they'd only see "foo".
> but there's no solution, to this, right?  we can't control typos,
> whether there's an Nmh- prefix on the header or not.  and we're not
> going to change Fcc/Dcc/Bcc in any case.  so isn't this is a moot
> point?

A solution could include having a set of all headers nmh expects,
whether it uses their content or not, and all headers outside that set
that are meant to reach the wire need some indication of approval.  I've
suggested the colon prefix.  Other possibilities include an mh_profile
value listing them for frequent ones, and a -send option to add them on
the fly.  Typos or fat-fingered edits to the headers, "Subjct", would
then be caught.

Cheers, Ralph.

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