Paul F wrote:

> but there's no solution, to this, right?  we can't control typos, whether
> there's an Nmh- prefix on the header or not.  and we're not going to change
> Fcc/Dcc/Bcc in any case.  so isn't this is a moot point?

We can't eliminate the effects of arbitrary typos, of course, but we can
help reduce them.  We can, and do, eliminate nearly all those after a
fixed Nmh- prefix.  If a user wants to use Nmh-Bcc: in their draft, along
with a trivial postproc that translates that and blocks, say, B.*, they could.

Also, anyone can put an Nmh-Attach: header in their components file so it's
there for every message.  post will filter it out if unused.  The same is
true of Cc:, Bcc:, etc., but going forward, we don't want to add more
special cases.


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