I am the primary card holder on a credit card account.  My wife is
secondary on my account and has her own card with a unique credit card
number.  This is a card we pay off monthly and I am trying to track my
transactions separately than hers.  When I sync up and download my
information I get her transactions and mine.  The only way I have of
removing her transactions is to look online and delete her
transactions from my Moneywell account ledger.

Questions: 1) Can MoneyWell segregate these transactions  2) If not,
does/should MoneyWell recognize when a transaction has been downloaded
and deleted?  To date I have been deleting my wife's transactions.
However, when I download to update my ledger at a later date, I keep
getting some of my wife's transactions that I have already deleted
from my ledger.  It would be handy if MoneyWell somehow tracked that
the transactions had already been downloaded and ignore them so that I
would not have to continually delete my wife's transactions.

I hope this makes sense and perhaps someone has had a similar issue
that could provide some guidance.

Thanks for any help,
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