We do have only one MoneyWell document.  We each have our own checking
account.  My wife is able to download the credit card transactions
related to her account without seeing mine so we are accounting for
all transactions.  It is my account that has this issue of seeing/
getting both of our transactions.

What about the question related to MoneyWell recognizing that a
transaction has been downloaded even though the transaction has been
deleted from my ledger?


On Jun 15, 10:48 pm, Kevin Hoctor <ke...@nothirst.com> wrote:
> On Jun 15, 2009, at 8:14 PM, Larry wrote:
> > I am the primary card holder on a credit card account.  My wife is
> > secondary on my account and has her own card with a unique credit card
> > number.  This is a card we pay off monthly and I am trying to track my
> > transactions separately than hers.  When I sync up and download my
> > information I get her transactions and mine.  The only way I have of
> > removing her transactions is to look online and delete her
> > transactions from my Moneywell account ledger.
> > Questions: 1) Can MoneyWell segregate these transactions  2) If not,
> > does/should MoneyWell recognize when a transaction has been downloaded
> > and deleted?
> > To date I have been deleting my wife's transactions.
> > However, when I download to update my ledger at a later date, I keep
> > getting some of my wife's transactions that I have already deleted
> > from my ledger.  It would be handy if MoneyWell somehow tracked that
> > the transactions had already been downloaded and ignore them so that I
> > would not have to continually delete my wife's transactions.
> > I hope this makes sense and perhaps someone has had a similar issue
> > that could provide some guidance.
> Hi Larry,
> If your credit card company doesn't segregate these, then MoneyWell  
> can't and probably shouldn't. Even though it is a different card  
> number, it's the same credit card account and you should be tracking  
> it as one account. I would also suggest that you keep both your and  
> your wife's transactions in the same MoneyWell document. It's very  
> hard to maintain two separate envelope budgets and not have any cross-
> pollination.
> Having two documents leaves room for error.
> Peace,
> Kevin Hoctor
> ke...@nothirst.com
> No Thirst Software LLChttp://nothirst.comhttp://kevinhoctor.blogspot.com
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