On Jun 16, 6:31 pm, Larry <lwas...@me.com> wrote:
> Lance,
> Thanks for the response.  My wife's transactions are tracked.  We each
> have our own income buckets.  It is just that when she downloads data
> from the credit card, she only gets her transactions.  So, it is very
> easy for her to track her spending while I am having to delete her
> transactions from my ledger in order to track my spending.  I suppose
> this complication is due to us each having our own checking accounts
> while our budget uses both incomes.

Seems like the real problem here is that you are sharing a credit
credit account but you only want to see your expenses in MoneyWell.
Even if your wife is properly tracking everything on her side (outside
of Moneywell), by tracking only a subset of the CC transactions in
MoneyWell, you've now lost the ability to reconcile your credit card
account or have any easy way of checking that what MoneyWell thinks
your balance is matches your CC company. MoneyWell is definitely not
set up to handle this kind of scenario.

If you really want to keep this kind of arrangement, I think you're
either going to need to give up the built-in MoneyWell download
feature (and manually download just your transactions from your CC's
website and import those into MoneyWell) or find a way for your CC
company to restrict your account such that you cannot download your
wife's transactions with your username/password.

Your other option would be to create a bucket to hold all your wife's
transactions as you download them. You would never allocate any money
to this bucket (so it would build up a big negative balance) but you
can "hide" the bucket so you never actually see it. This could screw
up some of the MoneyWell reports, but that might be an OK tradeoff for

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