On Jun 15, 6:14 pm, Larry <lwas...@me.com> wrote:
> I hope this makes sense and perhaps someone has had a similar issue
> that could provide some guidance.

Hi Larry,

Why don't you want to track your wife's transactions in MoneyWell as
well? If nothing else, it would ensure that all her transactions are
properly accounted for and her share of the balance gets paid.
Treating some of your transactions in this "under the table" manner
can be dangerous as it's not hard to make a mistake and end up
thinking you have more money to spend than you really do.

Regarding the issue you describe (MoneyWell redownloading deleted
transactions) I also ran into this when I started using MoneyWell. I
think the problem is that MoneyWell will download whatever the maximum
range of transactions your bank will provide. If you've previously
deleted some of those and then do another download, MoneyWell doesn't
realize this and keeps adding them back. This drove me crazy for a few
weeks when I first started, but eventually solved itself when my
bank's download window went past those deleted transactions :)


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