On 12/21/2010 04:51 AM, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> So what am I doing wrong, I pulled your branch and compiled/installed,
> but I don't see any signature verification in my emacs?
> Unless all work is still in the notmuch binary, 

yes, the branch as it stands just concerns itself with the notmuch binary.

> I see for your mail,
> e.g. 
> "sigstatus": [{"status": "error","keyid": "ED34CEABE27BAABC", "errors":
> 2}]
> (perhaps due to me not having your key???)

yup, that is why you get that error.

> On a side note:
> notmuch show format=json --verify id:"87aak08fu8....@servo.finestructure.net"
> is ok but:
> notmuch show --verify id:"87aak08fu8....@servo.finestructure.net"
> neither omplains nor shows anything in addition. Should it do one of the
> two?

the patch is specifically only for the json output.  If you'd like the
same features for the non-json output, that would be cool to see, but i
don't understand those formats well enough to know how to incude that
kind of info in them.

If this seems like i've only done one small corner of the task needed to
get signature verification: you're right!  I deliberately scoped the
initial task to be small-but-doable.  i want to make sure this seems
acceptable/reasonable before digging into the other pieces.


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