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> On 02/03/2011 11:25 AM, micah anderson wrote:
> > 1. I personally think notmuch-show-process-pgpmime should default to
> > true
> note that with it set to false, you can still M-RET (instead of RET) on
> an item in the summary window to have it set for that particular view.

This is also useful if you set notmuch-show-process-pgpmime and ever
come across a message that is causing crypto problems.  M-RET will
return you to the normal view.

> > 3. i'm not sure expired/revoked keys are handled properly - tested on a
> > message that was encrypted by a key that was revoked and got "End of
> > file during parsing"
> when you say "encrypted by" do you mean "encrypted to"?  do you have
> access to the corresponding secret key?

I also seem to be noticing issues with revoked keys.  I'm looking in to
the issue.  If anyone else notices something similar, please do relay
your experience.

> > 4. messages that I sent encrypted to someone are not also encrypted to
> > myself, which means that a thread which contains my replies isn't able
> > to decrypt my messages in that thread and results in a purple
> > 'decryption error'. Perhaps this is an emacs UI tweak that needs to be
> > made to get messages also encrypted to my own key?
> this is an issue for the emacs message modes (or maybe for your gpg
> configuration), not for notmuch.
> You either want to fix this in your emacs config by putting your
> fingerprint into mml2015-signers and setting mml2015-encrypt-to-self
> Or you want to set gpg's default-recipient-self option  (and
> default-recipient option if you hold more than one secret key and want
> to be sure it chooses the right one)

Actually, I think the gpg option we're looking for here is
"encrypt-to".  "default-recipient-self" sets the recipient only if none
other is specified.  I just set "encrypt-to <mykeyid>" in my gpg.conf
and it seems to do as expected (all encrypted messages are also
encrypted to myself).


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