On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 17:18:45 -0800, Jameson Rollins 
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> Hi, all.  I have pushed a new branch called "crypto" to my notmuch
> repository [0].  This branch provides full support for PGP/MIME signed
> and encrypted messages, including emacs UI support.  It has been applied
> on top of cworth's current master (21e97c50).  It includes the
> following:
> * David Edmondson's improved multipart handling patch series (cherry-picked)
> * Daniel Gillmor's PGP/MIME signature verification patch series 
> (cherry-picked)
> * my PGP/MIME decryption+verification patch series
> * a test suite for signature verification and decryption
> * emacs support for the above

Don't forget that you also included man page changes!

> Please test and provide feedback.  I would really like to see this
> series merged into the mainline for the next release, if at all
> possible.

I've really really really wanted this functionality, so I pulled this
right away and have been testing it, its really slick! I like how the
emacs UI gives you good visual feedback for different signature states
(I had red for a signature from Sebastian Spaeth because I did not have
the key; orange for when I obtained that key; and green for Jameson and
dkg's mails because I have exchanged keys with them and have full
validity for them; and purple for a decryption error). The minor delay
in opening a thread with signatures is not bad, and is to be expected.

And messages that are PGP/MIME encrypted are decrypted automatically,
wow, this is amazing. I enthusiastically support merging this into
mainline for the next release.

I have a couple points of feedback that I do not think should hold up
merging this work:

1. I personally think notmuch-show-process-pgpmime should default to

2. in-line pgp messages don't have any processing done on them. getting
the mime-encoded processing work is a huge step and I'm happy that
works, in-line can (and IMHO, should) come later

3. i'm not sure expired/revoked keys are handled properly - tested on a
message that was encrypted by a key that was revoked and got "End of
file during parsing"

4. messages that I sent encrypted to someone are not also encrypted to
myself, which means that a thread which contains my replies isn't able
to decrypt my messages in that thread and results in a purple
'decryption error'. Perhaps this is an emacs UI tweak that needs to be
made to get messages also encrypted to my own key?

5. unknown keys are represented in a long format,
eg. '0x5585F58CC827A062' when most tools represent them just with their
shortened keyid (in this case this one would be: 0xC827A062), is there a
particular reason for this? I recognize some people's keyids in the
short form, but do not in the longform.

6. this is awesome, huge thanks to everyone who has worked on this!


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