> yes, the branch as it stands just concerns itself with the notmuch binary.

OK, fair enough.

> > "sigstatus": [{"status": "error","keyid": "ED34CEABE27BAABC", "errors":
> > 2}]
> > (perhaps due to me not having your key???)
> yup, that is why you get that error.

Is there a possibility to squeeze a nicer error message out of it? :-)

> > is ok but:
> > notmuch show --verify id:"87aak08fu8....@servo.finestructure.net"
> > 
> > neither omplains nor shows anything in addition. Should it do one of the
> > two?
> the patch is specifically only for the json output.  If you'd like the
> same features for the non-json output, that would be cool to see, but i
> don't understand those formats well enough to know how to incude that
> kind of info in them.

No problem, I was just wondering about it simply silently ignoring an
option (in plain output), but that is fine for now.
> If this seems like i've only done one small corner of the task needed to
> get signature verification: you're right!

NONONO :) Don't misunderestimate me. This is phantastic work!!!

You got the really hard part working, which is great. The rest is sugar
on top :). Much appreciated and another:

Tested-and-approved-and-+1for_merging: S. Spaeth <sebast...@sspaeth.de>

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