Hi, all.  I have pushed a new branch called "crypto" to my notmuch
repository [0].  This branch provides full support for PGP/MIME signed
and encrypted messages, including emacs UI support.  It has been applied
on top of cworth's current master (21e97c50).  It includes the

* David Edmondson's improved multipart handling patch series (cherry-picked)
* Daniel Gillmor's PGP/MIME signature verification patch series (cherry-picked)
* my PGP/MIME decryption+verification patch series
* a test suite for signature verification and decryption
* emacs support for the above

I have signed-off on all cherry-picked commits, as I have reviewed and
tested them extensively (I have been using them in my daily notmuch use
for many months now).  The multipart and sig-verification patches were
cherry-picked to get around a couple of accidental spurious commits in
their originating branches that would have needed to be reverted.

Please test and provide feedback.  I would really like to see this
series merged into the mainline for the next release, if at all


[0] git://finestructure.net/notmuch

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