Hans Hagen said this at Mon, 30 May 2005 23:52:42 +0200:

>> easy to read.  In Bringhurst's book he mentions fleurons - "A horticultural
>> dingbat" which I would like to access.  I have looked through the Context
>if you can track down the font, it's no problem to get it typeset

I've been revisiting my Dingbat support, and am close to a release, but
ran into a bug on my system. In the meantime, this might help:

\loadmapfile[pdftex_dl14] % Make sure we embed the dingbats
\definefontsynonym [ZapfDingbat] [pzdr] % maybe uzdr 


\startsymbolset[Zapf Hearts] 
   \definesymbol[HeavyBlackHeart]             [\ZapfDingbatSymb{164}] 
   \definesymbol[FloralHeart]                 [\ZapfDingbatSymb{166}] 
   \definesymbol[RotatedFloralHeartBullet]    [\ZapfDingbatSymb{167}]

\definesymbol[1][{\symbol[Zapf Hearts][FloralHeart]}] 
\definesymbol[2][{\symbol[Zapf Hearts][RotatedFloralHeartBullet]}] 


\item Most fleurons are font||specific.
\item Zapf Dingbats contains a couple interesting fleurons.
 \item This is a place to start.

\centerline{\symbol[Zapf Hearts][HeavyBlackHeart]}


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