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>> Mikael Persson wrote:
>>> The thesis is available at
>> maybe we should collect such links on a wiki page
> good idea

These could also be useful for the regression test suite for ConTeXt.

>>> http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/mp-thesis-final.pdf
>>> and a short presentation of the third paper
>>> http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/pres.pdf

Look very nice and professional.

>>> Some comments:
>>> * As a mathematician I was a bit tired of the computer modern fonts (I
>>> really like them, but I see them to often), so I decided to go with
>>> the utopia/fourier fonts. This forced me to work with mkii, since I
>>> did not get these fonts to work with mkiv (This is still a problem, I
>>> am not sure how to go on with it for future documents).
>> looks quite nice, i also like the font size
> Thanks. What about getting these fonts to work in mkiv? Must there be
> some change in the fonts? Some files in ConTeXt? (they were perfectly
> working in older mkii)

Fourier and Uptopia should work with mkiv. I will check why they are not 
working at present.

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