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> Mikael Persson wrote:
>> The thesis is available at
> maybe we should collect such links on a wiki page
>> http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/mp-thesis-final.pdf
>> and a short presentation of the third paper
>> http://www.math.chalmers.se/~mickep/pres.pdf
>> Some comments:
>> * At our university the thesis should be printed on the (not really
>> standard) G5 paper. No problem in defining and using it with ConTeXt.
> just curious ... is it used more often or just at your universiy; it's
> no problem to add an extra papersize definition
>> * The bibliography uses Taco's module. I am happy of being able to
>> have different bibliographies in one file.
>> * As a mathematician I was a bit tired of the computer modern fonts (I
>> really like them, but I see them to often), so I decided to go with
>> the utopia/fourier fonts. This forced me to work with mkii, since I
>> did not get these fonts to work with mkiv (This is still a problem, I
>> am not sure how to go on with it for future documents).
> looks quite nice, i also like the font size
>> * Typesetting math worked very smoothly. There is one place where I
>> hade to add some negative vertical space (I could not reproduce this
>> in a minimal file).
>> * I'm very happy with the way MetaPost and ConTeXt work together.
>> * The presentation is inspired by Thomas A. Schmitz' files at
>> http://www.tug.org/pracjourn/2006-2/schmitz/ (thanks!)
>  >
>> * The presentation uses Wolfram's Mathematica fonts which I find being
>> very clear.
> looks nice indeed; are there open type variants of those?

By the way, the Mathematica fonts can be downloaded from (type1 and ttf)
I'm not sure if that is helpful for anyone, since there are no metric
files or whatever (they go with the TeX tree that is shipped with

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