On 10/13/2016 10:40 PM, Saša Janiška wrote:
> Pablo Rodriguez <oi...@gmx.es> writes:
> Hello Pablo,
>> since ConTeXt can handle XML natively, how about converting AsciiDoc to
>> an XML presentation and then compiling the XML file with ConTeXt?
> I must admit I was not aware of that.

Hi Gour,

this feature makes ConTeXt much superior than LaTeX, but not all TeX
users are aware of this jewel.

> AsciiDoc can convert to e.g. DocBook(5), but I wonder if/how ConTeXt
> could handle it?

Sure it can handle it, but I wonder whether this would make sense. (I
mean, does DocBook handle slides?)

HTML is XML too. So, you might use a intermediate format such as HTML.

> I’ve found something:
> http://doctribute.com/blog/003-docbook-to-context-xsl-stylesheets-en.html
> but this involves fiddling with XSL stylesheets, while Pandoc’s
> covnersion from DocBook to ConTexT eliminates need for them.

My personal experience/experiment is
http://www.from-pandoc-to-context.tk. It shows that I still have to
learn a lot of ConTeXt ;-).

But this approach allows me to generate (with pandoc) PDF and ePub
documents from exactly the same source. I only need to write the style
files for each.

I use this approach for books, such as http://www.un-solo-origen.tk
(sorry, it’s in Spanish).

Actually, the problem with pandoc is that it has to deal with XML with
the LaTeX input format. I mean, this is crazy.

> Another option would be to just bite the bullet and learn ConTeXt
> properly to be use for *all* serious writings which makes sense if I
> consider that I *might* need to produce one presentation every 2 weeks
> which is more the one hundred per year. :-O

ConTeXt XML input will afford you the markup, but you’ll have to know
how to deal with the slides in ConTeXt :-).

> In that case it would be nice to have bette/more support in my (Emacs)
> editor, but that’s another topic for another thread after I did discover
> related thread in AUCTeX list today. ;)

Sorry, but the issue about editors is beyond my knowledge. I use geany
and I’m fine with it. But I’m only an average computer user.

Just in case it helps,

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