On 10/13/2016 11:12 PM, Saša Janiška wrote:
> Mica Semrick <m...@silentumbrella.com> writes:
>> From the pandoc github issues page, looks like they're working on
>> asciidoc. See issue 1465 in the pandoc repo.
> That issue (#1456) is in regard to providing AsciiDoc as Pandoc’s
> *input* format, but my proposed toolchin is the following:
> AsciiDoc --> DocBook5 (via AsciDoc’s own DocBook backend) --> ConTeXt
> (using Pandoc’s  AsciiDoc writer)

What you can achieve is:

    AsciiDoc -> HTML -> PDF generated by ConTeXt

If the conversion to HTML is fine, you even avoid the conversion to
ConTeXt input format (and you might be very close to parse AsciiDoc
sources with ConTeXt).

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