> Arthur, with your command, I get an empty line as return. My question still
> stands: what is the expected result for this test?

  Sorry, I should have been clearer in my previous email: the relevant
part of that command is not its printed output on the terminal, but its
return value, that you can test with “echo $?” right after running the
command.  In that context, 0 means true (yes, it may be
counter-intuitive), so you would expect a non-zero result (often 1)
since you don’t have musl (and, presumably you do get 0).

>                                                    If I run the command
> ldd --version 2>&1 | grep -q ^musl
> from inside my system, grep will report all the subdirectories with a line
> grep: XXX: Is a directory

  This really does feel like zsh is interpreting the command in some
unhelpful way.

> So: if the test defaults to "musl" when the return is non-empty, that would
> explain a lot. And it should be adapted since it puts a lot of confidence
> into the return of this command.



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