On 04/25/2016 02:24 PM, Jim Taylor wrote:
I raised the question at the conference regarding the ability to merge
records outside the program interface and was told there was a
procedure/function that would allow this to be done.  Does anyone know
where I can find this function?   My searching has availed me naught.  I
found something under the Vandelay tables but not sure it is what I am
needing as the above mentioned function is supposed to take two tcn numbers.



There is the database function asset.merge_record_assets(int,int) that takes two record ids. It merges the call numbers, copies, and asset uris of the second record into the first.

If you're looking to merge the MARC from two records together, there are several database functions in the vandelay schema for that, but they are likely best used from the record import interface in the staff client.

Hope that helps!

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