Hi Jim,

It is available.  To be clear I helped create the de-duplication algorithm
but the actual coding was done by Galen Charlton of  Equinox.  You can find
it here:


The full scope of the script goes a bit beyond the original question as it
also does de-duplication before the merging.  The merging work is done by
the merge_record_assets function that Jason referenced.

Whatever method you use I heartily recommend doing so on a testing system
and having catalogers look over the results first.
You may have already done all the due diligence but I say it for anyone
reading along as well.  I've never had problems with
this method and heard back from others with positive success with it as
well but I also heard from at least one whose data
was apparently different enough that it was not a clean merge.  Caveat
usor, let the user beware.

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 2:36 PM, swills beyond-print.com <
swi...@beyond-print.com> wrote:

> Rogan Hamby shared his work with me.  It's a set of SQL procedures that
> product a 'best bib' and then identifies the less interesting duplicate and
> it seems to work well.  I modified it so that it produces the candidates
> but doesn't actually do the merge since we like to have that personal touch
> up in Maine.  I'm not sure if it is in Evergreen Repos or not?
> Rogan, can you help and thanks again.
> Steve Wills
> On April 25, 2016 at 2:24 PM Jim Taylor <jtay...@jtdata.com> wrote:
> I raised the question at the conference regarding the ability to merge
> records outside the program interface and was told there was a
> procedure/function that would allow this to be done.  Does anyone know
> where I can find this function?   My searching has availed me naught.  I
> found something under the Vandelay tables but not sure it is what I am
> needing as the above mentioned function is supposed to take two tcn numbers.
> Thanks.
> Jim

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