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ubuntu is debian-based maybe it help


2008/4/29 aspasia <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  I was just wondering if anyone out there have configured an iscsi root
>  disk image in Ubuntu?  Seems like the Redhat distribution is straight
>  forward, after all the iscsi-initiator config portion, simply re-
>  generating an new initrd and the process automatically incorporates
>  the "iscsistart" CLI within the init script.
>  I am trying to do the same with the Ubuntu8 which claims to support
>  iscsi - but I fail to find any form of documentation nor any response
>  from their Ubuntu forums list.
>  I have completed the iscsi initiator configuration, mounted my iscsi
>  device and even transferred all root files into my new iscsi device.
>  I am however, stuck since I have not found instructions on how to
>  configure the init so that after PXE booting, it would automatically:
>  1.  iscsiadm login to the target, 2.  and then assign it to be the
>  root device, etc ...
>  If anyone has done this or knows of a link to a documentation, pls
>  advise.
>  tia.
>  aspasia.
>  >

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