Based on both links and guide, seems like I am not clear with the

1.  What and how should I edit the /etc/fstab of the root image?  In
other distros I would either configure it as:  /dev/root or
LABEL=root ... in this particular case, how did you change your /etc/

2.  Where do you pass on the root FS argument?  the Etherboot article
suggests to include the root-path option in dhcpd.conf (for those like
me using PXE to network boot):

option root-path "iscsi:"

My question - should I also send a kernel parameter to define what is
the root path?

If you have configured iscsi on Ubuntu for PXE booting, pls advise.

Currently, my test box is stuck during boot up - it PXE boots, runs
the initrd it picks up from tftpboot, but it is stuck and hangs
initializing all the physical drives (/dev/sda-sdd) ... so something
is telling me perhaps there is something wrong with my iscsi

thanks in advance.

- aspasia.

On Apr 28, 11:34 pm, Tomasz Chmielewski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> orzeh schrieb:
> > hello to you and group!
> > did you read this wiki:
> (...)
> Or this one - to be used with any distro:
> --
> Tomasz Chmielewski
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