On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 08:52:35AM -0700, MAKHU wrote:
> When target is logged in to an initiator and then either target/
> initiator is restarted,connection is lost.

It goes the other way. Initiator logs in the target.

If the initiator (client) is restarted the connection would be lost.
If the target is restarted it might do:
 1). If it a NetApp, send a command asking the initiator to logout.
 2). If is a EqualLogic, send a AsyncMsg telling the initiator that the block
     device is going to be off-line.
 3). For others it might just terminate the connection without notifying
     the initiator at all. At which point the nop-ping timer (which runs
     by default every 15 seconds) would figure out the connection is lost, kick
     a retry and if that failed terminate the connection.

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