Target Configuration

Node ID         1
Node Name
Node Alias      VTrak M500i
Max Outstanding R2T     1
Max Burst Length        256KB
Max Connections         1
Default Time to Wait    2 Seconds
Default Time to Retain  20 Seconds
Error Recovery Level    0
Initial R2T     Enabled
Header Digest   Disabled
Data Digest     Disabled
Data PDU In Order       Disabled
Data Sequence In Order  Disabled
Uni-directional CHAP Authentication     Enabled
Bi-directional CHAP Authentication      Disabled

Help text.

    * Maximum number of nodes supported
    * Number of nodes present
    * Number of failed nodes
    * Node ID
    * Node Name – An iSCSI node is identified by its name.
    * Node Alias – A user-friendly string associated with an iSCSI
Node. Not a substitute for the iSCSI Name.
    * Max outstanding R2T – Sets the maximum number of outstanding
ready to transfer PDUs (a number).
    * Maximum burst length – Maximum length of a solicited data
sequence (512 B to 16,776,704 B [16 MB – 512 B]).
    * Maximum number of connections – Maximum number of connections
    * Default time to wait – After a dropped connection, the number of
seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect.
    * Default time to retain – Number of seconds after time to wait
(above) before reassigning outstanding commands.
    * Error recovery level – Error recovery level supported.
    * Initial R2T – Allows initiator to begin sending data to a target
without receiving a ready to transfer command.
    * Header Digest – Enables the use of Header Digest (CRC). See note
    * Data Digest – Enables the use of a Data Digest (CRC). See note
    * Data PDU in order – Enables placement of data in PDU order.
    * Data sequence in order – Enables placement of data in sequence
    * Uni-directional CHAP Authentication – Enables Challenge
Handshake Authentication Protocol.
    * Bi-directional CHAP Authentication – Enables bi-directional and
uni-directional CHAP authentication.

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