swejis wrote:
> So sorry for the delay but I have not been able to reboot the machine
> until now. Still I had no success getting your test-version to write
> more debug info into the logs. I therefor downloaded and compiled the
> latest semi-stable version I found meaning 2.0-869.2. When not this
> version either wrote any debug-info I started to look around and
> realized the kernel modules where far older than expected. It seem
> even though I have not installed anything related to open-iscsi suse
> still ships the kernel-modules of open-iscsi. I think this cause the
> install_kernel function to skip installing the modules and only return
> "kernel is up to date", anyway after I manually copied the kernel
> modules and fired up iscsi.. finally I can see more info in the the
> logs. The messages file is found here: http://www.wehay.com/messages.gz
> and contains two connections errors.

Ok, could you run this patch over 2.0-869.2. You do not have to compile 
it with the DEBUG options. I added some more debug printks in the places 
that are interesting.

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--- open-iscsi-2.0-869.2/kernel/libiscsi.c	2008-05-08 19:53:48.000000000 -0500
+++ open-iscsi-2.0-869.2.work/kernel/libiscsi.c	2008-05-27 13:57:21.000000000 -0500
@@ -319,8 +319,10 @@ void iscsi_free_mgmt_task(struct iscsi_c
 	if (conn->login_mtask == mtask)
-	if (conn->ping_mtask == mtask)
+	if (conn->ping_mtask == mtask) {
+		printk(KERN_ERR "freeing ping mtask %lu\n", jiffies);
 		conn->ping_mtask = NULL;
+	}
 		    (void*)&mtask, sizeof(void*));
@@ -479,8 +481,10 @@ static void iscsi_send_nopout(struct isc
         struct iscsi_nopout hdr;
 	struct iscsi_mgmt_task *mtask;
-	if (!rhdr && conn->ping_mtask)
+	if (!rhdr && conn->ping_mtask) {
+		printk(KERN_ERR "mtask running %lu\n", conn->last_ping);
+	}
 	memset(&hdr, 0, sizeof(struct iscsi_nopout));
@@ -1381,13 +1385,13 @@ static void iscsi_check_transport_timeou
 	if (time_before_eq(last_recv + recv_timeout, jiffies)) {
 		/* send a ping to try to provoke some traffic */
-		debug_scsi("Sending nopout as ping on conn %p\n", conn);
+		printk(KERN_ERR "Sending nopout as ping on conn %p\n", conn);
 		iscsi_send_nopout(conn, NULL);
 		next_timeout = conn->last_ping + (conn->ping_timeout * HZ);
 	} else
 		next_timeout = last_recv + recv_timeout;
-	debug_scsi("Setting next tmo %lu\n", next_timeout);
+	printk(KERN_ERR "Setting next tmo %lu\n", next_timeout);
 	mod_timer(&conn->transport_timer, next_timeout);

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