OK, were back in business.

Built and installed the debug-initiator.

The [scsi_eh_xx] scsi_wq_xx] processes, there are about 60 of those
before I have even started open-iscsi, zombies ?

May  6 21:03:53 manjula iscsid: connection3:0 is operational now
May  6 21:03:53 manjula iscsid: connection4:0 is operational now

3 and 4 now, could this be caused by those processes ?

I would have expected this version to be very noisy log-wise, however
I have stressed the disk quite alot now and have not seen anything in
the log. Performance actually also looks better. 3GB in 40 sec, that
is far better than before.

Those processes, could I just shut everything down and kill the
remaining ?

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