> > Can you remind me what target you are using and how many sessions you
> > should have?
The m500i have got two portals, so two session are started of for each

tcp: [1],2 iqn.
tcp: [2],1 iqn.

> > It looks like only one session has problems.

True indeed, it seem always only one of the two connections reports an
error, I actually
tried to shift to the second portal when doing the discovery in order
to see if that would make
any difference.

The other/s
> > look like they are just fine. Are the errors now (before I understood
> > that it happened when no IO was running) only occuring when you put IO
> > on the session/disk?

The error only occurs when there is I/O on the connection. I actually
thought we had fixed the problem when I had not seen any errors for
days, but
during that time the machine just idled, as soon as I got some I/O the
error came back immediately.

Brgds Jonas
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