Mike Christie wrote:

>> I'd like to be able to deliver a config file to the system, and have the
>> system do the creation of ifaces, and the discovery (or manual add) or
>> targets as part of its startup (e.g in the init.d script), as well as
> When we parse the cofig file and make ifaces and do discovery or 
> manually add, do you want us to also add the info the iscsi DB or just 
> use that info to create sessions while the iscsi service is running that 
> one time?

I think the latter would be fine - as long as the config file is there a 
restart of the
service would reinitiate creation of ifaces, re-run the discovery etc.  But I 
imagine that
there might be situations where the opposite is true, and I have no idea how 
much work it
would be to create non-persistent sessions...

Perhaps an option in the config file? Either to use non-persistent sessions, or 
to simply
throw away the contents of the persistent database on service restart?



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