kernel: 2.6.27-11

IET is your target.
To my understanding IET is iscsi enterprise target which is similar to
open-iscsi in implementing iscsi targets. open-iscsi and IET are
different organisations implementing iscsi. Am i right?

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 10:46 AM, Mike Christie <> wrote:
> sundar mahadevan wrote:
>>> Are you building the open-iscsi tools or are they part of the distro you
>>> are using?
>>> I just used apt-get install open-iscsi on both systems.
> What kernel are you using (uname -a)?
>>> Are you also using qla4xxx or just using iscsi_tcp?
>>  I dont think i use qla4xxx. I think i use iscsi_tcp.
>>> If you are building your own tools make sure if you are using a 64 bit
>>> kernel then the tools are also compiled as 64 bits.
>>   I'm on a 32 bit system. In that case what is a 64 bit of use to me.
>>> Make sure that you only have one set of tools installed. Do a whereis
>>> iscsid and whereis iscsiadm.
>> whereis iscsid
>> iscsid: /sbin/iscsid /usr/share/man/man8/iscsid.8.gz
>> whereis iscsiadm
>> iscsiadm: /sbin/iscsiadm /usr/share/man/man8/iscsiadm.8.gz
>> You are using IET right? If so it does not matter what disks you use.
>> IET can handle it.
>> No i dont use IET. I use open-iscsi on both systems.
> IET is your target.
> >

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