sundar mahadevan wrote:
> Hi members,
> I tried to do the following to find out the error messages:
> Both systems with iscsitarget/open-iscsi initiator and open-iscsi
> initiator were up.
> On the open-iscsi initiator i had opened a terminal with command tail
> -f /var/log/messages and left it running
> And then i rebooted the server with iscsitarget/open-iscsi initiator
> And all i could see were
> ocfs2_dlm node 0 leaves domain
> nodes in domain : 1
> and then it hangs again
> so i had to manually hard reset the server
> I tried to boot with runlevel 2 but there were not much of a use
> because there were no specific error messages to this scenario, i
> Checked /var/log/messages and /var/log/boot.omsg
> But i'm still able to ping the open-iscsi initiator system on its
> hang. But when i try to rsh or ssh to the system, nothing happens.
> I haven't setup multipath yet.
> @mike
> I have setup ocfs2 file system on a partition(on  secondary hard drive
> on iscsitarget/open-iscsi initiator box) which is being mounted as
> /u01/orcl on both boxes.
> So i think i have nbd(not sure if my setup is supposed to be called as nbd).

nbd is a special network block device driver. Do not worry about it. It 
does not look like you have it.

> When i tried rciscsitarget stop on  iscsitarget/open-iscsi initiator
> box, both the  iscsitarget/open-iscsi initiator box and  open-iscsi
> initiator box hanged. Again a hard reset.

Were you exporting something on ocfs using the iscsi-target?

Could you simplify this and take ocfs out for a minute. Just add some 
file or real disk or a virtual disk to the ietd.conf file for the lun.

For example just stick:
Lun 0 Type=nullio,Sectors=2097152
in the ietd.conf which will create a dummy lun.

Then restart the target and log in from the other box and retry your 
reboot test with that (no ocfcs2 at all).

Does that hang?

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