I sure hope someone can help me on this. This is where I am now and it
fails on login reporting that the iscsi driver is not loaded.  Does
that take me back to my original problem of  "Starting iSCSI initiator
service: FATAL: Error inserting iscsi_tcp (/lib/modules/
2.6.18-128.2.1.el5/kernel/drivers/scsi/iscsi_tcp.ko)" and what do I do
to resolve it?

[r...@iscsi ifaces]# iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p,1 iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a,2 iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a
[r...@iscsi ifaces]# iscisadm -m node
bash: iscisadm: command not found
[r...@iscsi ifaces]# iscsiadm -m node,1 iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a,2 iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a
[r...@iscsi ifaces]# iscsiadm -m node -T iqn.
1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a -p -l
Logging in to [iface: default, target: iqn.
1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a, portal:,3260]
iscsiadm: Could not login to [iface: default, target: iqn.
1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0824d5872b.a, portal:,3260]:
iscsiadm: initiator reported error (12 - iSCSI driver not found.
Please make sure it is loaded, and retry the operation)

On Jul 25, 11:34 am, Clint <cttins...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am fairly new to iSCSI implementations on Linux (and Windows).  I
> had an existing implementation that was running on Slackware 12.1 but
> "self distruction" and was never documented.  I have attempted to
> rebuild the connection as data exists that I need to recover but can't
> even get iscsiadm to run on the Slackware 12.1 system. I have build a
> new Centos 5.3 (el5), fully updated, and have installed the latest
> stable build of open-iscsi.  I had to do the make KSRC command to get
> a succesful build, a straight make install did not work but running
> make install after the make KSRC did complete succesfully.  However
> when I try to start open-isci, I get the following error (kernerl is
> 2.6.18-128.2.1.el5 #1 SMP):
> /etc/init.d/open-iscsi start
> Starting iSCSI initiator service: FATAL: Error inserting iscsi_tcp (/
> lib/modules/2.6.18-128.2.1.el5/kernel/drivers/scsi/iscsi_tcp.ko):
> Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
> FATAL: Error inserting ib_iser (/lib/modules/2.6.18-128.2.1.el5/kernel/
> drivers/infiniband/ulp/iser/ib_iser.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or
> unknown parameter (see dmesg)
> Are these really FATAL errors or do I need to deal with this?  I did
> some Googling and did not arrive at a definitive answer.
> Should I consider a different distribution?
> Given the above resolution, what are my next steps, the README is not
> clear on this.  Do I need to configure the iscsid.conf file first.
> What about the iface0 file?  Does it need a hardware address and is
> that the same as eth0 or something else?  When to use iscsiadm, it
> appears to be able to some of the heavy listing.
> Would appreaciate any direction I can get on this.  Some additional
> information that may or may not be helpful.
> initiatorname.iscsi:
> InitiatorName=iqn.2005-03.org.open-iscsi:292f1499dcaa
> ifcfg-eth0:
> # Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] 79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE]
> DEVICE=eth0
> BOOTPROTO=static
> HWADDR=00:0C:29:93:9E:27
> ONBOOT=yes
> (iscsi tcp device) ifcfg-eth0:0
> # Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] 79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE]
> DEVICE=eth0:0
> BOOTPROTO=static
> ONBOOT=yes
> target info:
> ign.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa1012i.0824d5872b.a
> HP MAS1012i SCSI Disk Drive
> I can ping the target from the Linux system.

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