> On 2. Feb 2018, at 02:14, Benjamin Kaduk <ka...@mit.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 05:11:24PM +0100, Stephan Wiesand wrote:
>> Comparing the module builds from the SL packaging, where the kABI 
>> hashes of the used symbols are stored as a requirement, is seems none of 
>> those hashes changed between -693 and -830.
>> There are two differences in the configure results:
>> -ac_cv_linux_header_sched_signal_h=no
>> +ac_cv_linux_header_sched_signal_h=yes
>> -ac_cv_linux_struct_file_operations_has_iterate=no
>> +ac_cv_linux_struct_file_operations_has_iterate=yes
> That's very helpful to know.
> Does the new tree actually have a sched/signal.h header?

Yes it does. The only content is a guarded include of <linux/sched.h>

> Does the new struct file_operations have an 'iterate' member
> function?

Yes it does, wrapped in a RH_KABI_ITERATE macro.

> (The idea being to tell whether they changed something in new and
> interesting ways or our configure test(s) are broken.)

It's the former :-(

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