> Hey Roman,

Thanks for the reply :-)

I am not sure what exactly you want to use the AttentionValues for

With attention values, i thought i could do the following:
I have 24x7 tweets coming. So i thought,  I can send them to NLP pipeline 
and get Atoms. Let's say most of the people tweet about Presidential 
Election.  I assumed that,  when feeding these atoms into atomspace, 
somehow atoms related to "Election" will get High STI?. Since they occur 
more often now-a-days. Say, there will be a lot of Trump and Hilary Clinton 
atoms. Somehow they get high STI  (?!!) and i can retrieve those top ranked 
atoms and its related atoms (since STI is also diffused to similar atoms). 

That was the idea. But i don't know, whether Attention values works like 
this for pursuing the above mentioned. :-(.  What am i missing??

Boosting STI/LTI would be done when they become relevant i.e they just 
entered the AtomSpace or NLP found them to be useful.
I could not figure out, on what basis stimulus is given to atom. In 
general, How atoms become important/relevant?


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