On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:46 AM, Vishnu Priya <vishnupriya...@gmail.com>

> Thnaks Linas for the reply.
>> I would like to know some more info about Truth values.
> How is atom's truth value is updated based on new observations?

They are not.  Only PLN updates TV's and some other specialized subsystems
that you are not using.

Currently, TV update is up to the user to do as they please.  That's mostly
because we don't know of or have any one-size-fits-all algos for this.

> How can truth values of certain atoms in a particular context change a
> lot?  ( i came across this line in the book, "*if truth values of a
> certain sort of atom in certain context change a lot, then confidence decay
> rate of the atoms of that sort should be increased.*")
> Could you please explain with few example sentences.
>  Is ConfidenceDecay Mind Agent already implemented?

>  If so, then i assume that confidence-decaying predicates which are
> important Atoms but are unconfident, are given STI, so as to make it likely
> that they may be used for inference and this is how atoms become important.

We will find out. Nil is working on inference right now. .. PLN inference.

You are welcome to create your own inference rules that do something
completely different -- the rule engine doesn't care about what rules you
create.  It will just apply the rules, and twiddle the TV's according to
your desires.


> regards,
> --Vishnu

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