Hey vishnu,

what you are suggesting does sound doable.

In your case, you would just want to stimulate atoms every time they have 
been parsed by the NLP pipeline. Something like this might already exist 
not sure ask misgana.

More generally there would be many Mind-Agents that are running in the 
cogserver. And everytime any of those agents deem it useful they can 
stimulate an atom, the actual STI value given to an Atom is dynamic based 
on other variables but you can provide a factor to indicate stimulate this 
Atom a lot or only a little. Examples of this would be that the PLN system 
successfully used an Atom for a deduction it is trying to make so it 
stimulates it so similar atoms come into focus and help the continued 
process. Or some Agents related to perception have just seen X which 
corresponds to one or more Atoms so they stimulated them as they will 
likely be of interest in the moment.

Now for retrieving these values you will probably have to write an 
Cogserver Module that implements a command that gives you the top ranking 
If you want this to be done automatically you need to have an Agent. (Which 
are alway part of a Module)

hope that helps.

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