My spectrum:

- Archetypes (generic documentation patterns)
- Templates (context dependent documentation patterns)
- Generic User Interfaces (generic presentation patterns)
- User Interface (context dependent presentation patterns)


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On Jun 30, 2008, at 3:19 PM, Erik Sundvall wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for a lot of interesting response regarding "GUI-hints" and  
> other things.
> Please excuse a little left-to-right analogy below:
> There seems too be a scale or spectrum of detail level and use case
> specificity going from...
> Left: purely semantic (maximum data set) models = archetypes
> ...via the nearby...
> openEHR templates (still purely semantic if we skip the "hide_in_ui"
> to keep the template artifacts)
> ...further far away to...
> Right: actual GUI in an implemented system with specific widgets  
> positioning etc
> Currently openEHR specifications describe artifacts at the "left" side
> of the spectrum. This discussion has interestingly been broadened
> further to the "right" than I was thinking of in my initial questions.
> If we look at a tool like the Template Designer from Ocean Informatics
> there is an immediate jump from templates (close to the left) to
> detailed GUI layout (far right), that jump could be divided into more
> steps (possibly with some steps persisted and reusable) as suggested
> by some in this discussion.

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