On 2018-03-06 09:04, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
On 03/06/18 08:57 AM, Francis.D wrote:

Download and install in Virtualbox. Installation process work perfectly,
Installation gimp, filezilla, inkscape, Libreoffice52 work with a repo
sfe. Installation developer/gcc - gcc-49 build/cmake- cmake/src work but when I tried to make a compilation of vlc 3.0.1 doesn't work. error message

Some basic software such as smplayer, vlc, clementine, yarock are missing
in the repository.

For multimedia, this is currently inadequate

basic hardware motherboard asus m5n, AMD Phenom x2 550, 4 go ram, ati 5450
video card,Sound card asus d1 (driver cmi8788) not found.

In the next few days, I'll try an installation on pc.


1) Current testing is not related to multimedia, we want to know
general user experience with new illumos-gate bits.
2) You can always use http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-encumbered/
repository to get a basic set of multimedia packages (basically, vlc
and gstreamer codecs).

3) If you find that some software is missing, nothing prvents you from
adding it to oi-userland. There's always an issue - the more software
we have, more power we need to support it. And with basic  team of 3-5
men it's a big problem.

I am new to openindiana/illumos, and I was wondering the same. I understand openindiana can use NetBSD's pkgsrc.

Would it be best to contribute new packages directly to pkgsrc, so that they would hopefully be maintained by a more numerous team, and still benefitting openindiana (and illumos)?


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