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>Obviously faster DAP WAIT handling on USB HS.
>The question remains: why are you getting DAP WAITs with algo, is the
>different adapter FT2232H vs FT2232C (should not be different except
>faster turnaround but...) or is it a difference between STM32F722 and
>F745 ?

This is indeed an interesting question. I don’t have an F722 to test with. I 
also don’t have a 2232C.

I tried some experiments. First I tried mucking about with CM7_AHBSCR to 
increase the priority of AHBS accesses to the DTCM over CPU accesses; no 
change. Then I tried eliminating the AHBS altogether by putting the work area 
at 0x20010000 (system SRAM); also no change. Finally I tried changing dap 
memaccess; this did help. When I changed from the default of 8 up to 44 (43 was 
not enough), I got no more WAITs and 150 kiB/s.

So, what now? Is that setting something that belongs in the F7 target file?

Christopher Head

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